Rustic Modern Furniture Guarantee

At Rustic Modern Furniture, all products are rigorously tested for safety, quality and durability. This means that we can offer a free, multi-year guarantee that covers defects in materials and workmanship. The conditions and duration of the guarantee are described in the individual guarantee brochures.

The guarantee is valid in the territory of the United Kingdom. It does not exclude, limit or suspend your rights under statutory warranty. You will need proof of purchase to make a warranty claim.

What is not covered by the warranty?

The warranty does not cover products that have been improperly stored, misused, assembled, connected, altered or cleaned using unsuitable methods or cleaning agents. Always follow the instructions for assembly, installation and care of the products. The warranty does not cover scratches, tears or cuts as well as mechanical damage. Please refer to the warranty brochures for detailed information on products and items not covered by the warranty.

What actions will Rustic Modern Furniture take under the guarantee terms?

If your complaint is found to be valid, Rustic Modern Furniture will repair the product or replace it with an identical, non-defective product. If the product is no longer available for purchase, Rustic Modern Furniture will provide a replacement that is comparable in terms of function, quality and price.

We will also cover the cost of repair, spare parts, travel and hours for the repair team and shipping. This applies only to repairs and modifications ordered and accepted by Rustic Modern Furniture.

Replaced parts or product become the property of Rustic Modern Furniture.

Remember that the product you are claiming should be clean, and if installed, access to it must not be obstructed.

Returns with Rustic Modern Furniture

You have up to 14 days to change your mind. If you change your mind or are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product within 14 days from the date of issue/delivery. Please note that the product must be packaged and returned at your own expense.


How does the product return process work?

In order to return a product, you will need proof of purchase: the original receipt in electronic or paper form.

You can find out if your Rustic Modern Furniture products meet your expectations in your own home. Unpack and, if necessary, assemble them. If you feel comfortable living with them – great! If not, bring the products back to the shop and we will refund the amount you spent on them.

After verifying the condition of the returned product, the Customer Service Representative at the Rustic Modern Furniture stationary shop will assess whether the product meets the conditions for return as described in the Terms & Conditions for returning goods purchased at Rustic Modern Furniture.

Forms of Refund

If the product is in its original packaging, a full refund will be made to the same means of payment used for the purchase.

If the goods have been assembled solely for the purpose of ascertaining their nature, characteristics and functioning, we will refund the full purchase price up to 14 days from the date of issue/delivery – to the same means of payment.

Money-Back Guarantee

Withdrawal from a distance contract can be made within 14 days at Rustic Modern Furniture.

Please also note that if you have made your purchase remotely as a consumer, you can exercise your statutory right to withdraw from the contract and return the products within 14 days of receipt of your order.


The warranty period is 2 years.

The warranty does not cover:
*Faults caused by circumstances beyond the manufacturer’s control,
*Defects resulting from improper use and maintenance,
*Damages and defects resulting from attempts at modification made by the customer,
*Damage caused by inappropriate positioning of the product (placing the table on an unlevelled surface, in the direct vicinity of heating elements)
*The wood of tabletops, due to its natural characteristics, maybe discoloured, change colour or become darker and this is not a reason for complaint,
*Damage resulting from the use of chemicals,
*Damages and deformations caused by placing hot, cold or heavy objects directly on the table surface
*Damage and defects caused by inadequate air humidity level in the room where the table is placed (optimum range is from 45% to 60%). A different humidity parameter can cause cracks, fissures and changes of surfaces, unevenness and warping,
*Damage caused by prolonged contact with water,
*Damage caused by inadequate transport by the customer himself as well as transport by a forwarding company, courier service at the request of the customer
*Damage and defects with which the customer became acquainted when purchasing the product,
*Changes in the colour and structure of protective coatings due to their individual character and the impact of external factors (sunlight, water etc.).

A defect or damage is not:
– changes resulting from everyday use,
– natural changes in the wood structure and colouring
– natural anatomical wood structure elements (heartwood, sapwood, rays, grain)
– patches and small cavities, features that prove conscious styling of the furniture by the
the manufacturer, resulting for example from the technology of wood ageing, joining of
of the component parts or resulting from the character of the handcrafted piece of furniture,
– natural defects,

Loss of warranty status occurs when:
– the placement of the furniture is inappropriate in relation to the recommended placement,
– the furniture is not used in accordance with its intended use and recommendations,
– the furniture is stored in rooms with poor humidity index,
– soiling,
– visible damage to parts or the entire unit,
– flooding with liquids,
– inappropriate way of keeping the furniture clean and maintained
– unskilled attempts at modification and alteration have been detected,
– mechanical damage,

Complaint procedure:
The warranty repair is conditional on the customer making a complaint notification. Complaints should be submitted together with the proof of purchase (written form, electronic photographs). The report should be submitted not later than one week after the defect at the latest. In the case of discovering a defect immediately after purchase, the Buyer has 7 working days to inform the manufacturer. Otherwise, the guarantor has no grounds to accept the guarantee. The producer undertakes to process the notification within 14 working days from the date receipt of the application. In the moment of accepting the complaint, the customer is obliged to deliver the product to the place designated by the manufacturer where the repair will be carried out. It is important to make sure that the product is properly transported and packed during the transport to the place of repair. The guarantor will not bear the costs of transport costs

*The warranty covers defects and damage resulting only from the natural working characteristics of the wood. Not following the manufacturer’s recommendations significantly increases the possibility of damage that will not be covered by the warranty.


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