Terms and Conditions

§ 1 Product description
By purchasing a product from Rustic Modern Furniture you decide to
distinctive and unique style, but you also agree to all the restrictions and conditions associated with
conditions connected with the use of solid wood, which is the main building material of our products.
Rustic Modern Furniture is based only on solid wood, which makes its products completely unique and unrepeatable. The main idea of it, is to show the imperfections of solid wood in a completely different light. Company Rustic Modern Furniture focuses on such flaws as cracks, knots or cavities in solid wood. Defects such as cracks, knots or cavities after knots are exposed in such a way that they become the main asset of this
product. Thanks to this we obtain an amazing effect of natural look.

§ 1.1 Use of solid wood products
Products are made of solid wood. It is a material that has a tendency to deform under the influence of external factors, mainly due to air humidity changes. The changes are in volume and shape. It is a very long process and depends on many factors that interact during its use. Each wood that we use for furniture production has been processed in an appropriate way. These are the processes of drying and seasoning, which are intended to adapt such furniture to indoor use. The processes of drying and seasoning are intended to adapt such furniture to indoor use. These processes can naturally cause slight deformation of the tops. If these phenomena, which are directly related to the work of the wood, do not grossly affect the usability of the product, they are not considered as basis for a complaint. The customer who comes into possession of such furniture is obliged to observe the standards in which the product should be stored. The room temperature should be 16-24 degrees and relative air humidity within 40-70%. 

The manufacturer is not is not responsible for the deformations that result from the following reasons:
– using the furniture not according to its design and purpose,
– failure to maintain an appropriate distance  (min. 1m) from sources of heat (radiators, fireplaces, ovens, radiant heaters or cookers),
– exposing the furniture directly to sunlight, excessive or
excessive or low humidity level, harmful atmospheric conditions,
– furniture should not be stored in dry or closed spaces,
– placing furniture on uneven surfaces,
– using aerosol cleaners,
– lack of proper maintenance as specified in the instructions for use,
– placing objects that are too heavy, hot or cold directly on the surface of the furniture.
or cold,
– Failure to remove dirt of any kind for a long period of time.

§ 1.2 Tolerance of product dimensions
During processes such as fitting and aligning, which accompany the processing of furniture, the dimensions of the product may vary to some extent from those assumed at the outset. Tolerance limits:
a) length of the top ~ 20mm
b) width of the tabletop: ~ 20mm
c) thickness of the tabletop: ~ 5mm
d) Table height: ~ 10mm

§ 1.3 Product discoloration
Solid wood furniture exposed to sunlight may through natural process, may discolor. This cannot be grounds for complaint.

§ 1.4 Maintenance and use
a) The Manufacturer/Seller is obliged to provide the Consumer/Customer with full instructions for use, which the Consumer/Customer is obliged to read without delay. The Manufacturer/Seller is not liable for non-compliant use of the Consumer/Customer with the provided instructions.
b) The Consumer/Customer is obliged to take care of the product. It should be coated 1-2 times a year to treat it with an appropriate product. This care product is not included in the purchased product. All information related to maintenance and proper selection of agents can be found in the instructions for use. Any defects that occur due to lack of proper maintenance are not grounds for complaint.

§ 1.5 Furniture extensions
Rustic Modern Furniture also offers table top extensions which are designed to extend the table. The load capacity of such extensions is limited. You should always remember that the static load to which the extension is subjected must not exceed 10kg. Such extensions are not an integral part of the table and are not stored in the table’s box. They should be stored in appropriate conditions and humidity. Also remember not to keep them directly on the ground. Poor storage conditions can lead to deformation, which may result in a poor fit to the table. The manufacturer/seller is not responsible for changes caused by improper storage of the extensions.

§ 1.6 Natural defects of solid wood
Any defects/flaws in solid wood are of natural origin and directly related to its characteristics. Cracks, knots, cavities and other defects have a significant influence on the appearance and style of the furniture manufactured by our company. In no case shall they be regarded as a defect of such furniture unless previously agreed. Unless other individual agreements with the customer have been made beforehand.

§ 2 General provisions
§ 2.1.
These Regulations define the general conditions, rules and manner of sales conducted by Rustic Modern Furniture Unit E, SK16 4US, Stockport, Dukinfield, called “Seller”, by means of via the online shop https://rusticmodernfurniture.co.uk (hereinafter referred to as “Online Store”), by e-mail, by telephone or in person.

§ 2.2.
All information contained on the website of the Internet Shop, referring to products (including prices) do not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, but an invitation to conclude a contract as defined by the Civil Code.

§ 3 Copyright
All data posted on https://rusticmodernfurniture.co.uk are the property of Rustic Modern Furniture and may not be copied without the permission and knowledge of the owner. All the photos on the https://rusticmodernfurniture.co.uk website are the property of Rustic Modern Furniture and may not be copied without the consent and knowledge of the owner. 

§ 4 Scope and conditions of services
§ 4.1.
A condition of using the offer of the Internet Shop is to be familiar with these Regulations and its acceptance. The Customer is obliged to carefully read the following content of these Regulations before placing an order.
§ 4.2.
The products offered in the Internet Shop are furniture manufactured from natural solid wood and steel. The entire assortment included in the Internet Shop website includes a detailed product description. This description includes:  photos, technical data, available colour variants, price, payment methods and shipping costs.
§ 4.3.
Orders/orders can be placed via the online shop, by e-mail, by phone or in person.
§ 4.4.
Placing an order is tantamount to:
a) that the Customer has read and accepts all provisions of these Terms and Conditions,
b) the Vendor’s/Producer’s permission to process the Customer’s personal data in order to
fulfilment of the order.
§ 4.5.
After placing an order, a Sales Agreement is concluded between the Customer and
Seller / Manufacturer.
§ 4.6.
The prices of the goods on the website are placed next to the given product.
a) Represent gross prices (including VAT) and are presented in British Pounds;
b) do not include information about the costs of Delivery, of which the Customer will be informed when choosing the Delivery method,
c) do not include information on potential customs charges if the transport address is outside England.
§ 4.7.
The Client shall pay for the ordered Goods by bank transfer to the account of the bank account of the Seller.
§ 4.8.
The Seller / Manufacturer may place on the Store’s website indicative information about the number of Business Days it needs to process the order.
§ 4.9.
Ordered products will be delivered to the Customer through the Supplier, or personally to the address indicated in the order form or by e-mail.
§ 4.10.
The Customer is obliged to provide a contact phone number, which will be forwarded to the Supplier in order to agree on the details and date of delivery.
§ 4.11.

The Customer is obliged to check the delivered parcel at the time and in the manner usual for parcels of a given type, in the presence of an employee of the Supplier.
§ 4.12.
 The Customer has the right to demand from the Deliverer’s employee to write a proper protocol of receipt of the parcel in case of any loss or damage to the parcel.
§ 4.13.
Provisions of the Transport Law shall apply during delivery.
§ 4.14.
A proof of purchase shall be enclosed to each consignment.

§ 5 Order completion time, cost and method of delivery
§ 5.1.
The lead time for a particular order is from 28 working days, unless it is stated that the product is available “off the shelf”. Working days include Monday to Friday except for public holidays. The delivery period starts from the moment the advance payment is credited to the Seller/Manufacturer’s bank account until the creation of a fully-fledged product. Shipping and delivery time is not included in the order lead time.
§ 5.2.
The Seller/Producer offers the following forms of delivery:
– courier/pallet delivery,
– own transport up to 150 miles (price to be agreed individually).

§ 6 Warranty
The Seller/Producer gives a 12 month warranty for his products.

§ 7. Withdrawal from the agreement
Rustic Modern Furniture products are made of solid wood. They are all made to your specific individual order. Such products are not returnable. That is why we ask you to shop with care. Pursuant to Article 38 of the Consumer Rights Act, the right to withdraw from an agreement concluded distance contract, in accordance with the Act, the consumer is not entitled to withdraw from the contract in cases – in which
the subject of the supply is a non-fabricated item produced according to
consumer’s specification or serving to satisfy his individual needs.

§ 8. Complaints related to the quality of the product
§ 8.1.
The Seller/Producer is obliged to provide the Customer with goods without any physical or legal defects.
physical and legal defects. The Seller is liable to Customers for defects goods on the principles set out in the provisions of the Act of 23 April 1964 Civil Code Civil Code (consolidated text of 2014, item 121 as amended), in particular Article 556 and subsequent articles. A customer who is a consumer may exercise his rights under the warranty within one year from the date of detection of a defect. The Seller is responsible under the warranty towards the Customer being a consumer for 2 years from the date of issue of the goods.
§ 8.2.
A complaint should be reported by sending a message via e-mail to to the address [email protected]. Then, the Customer shall fill in the “Complaint Form” and send it back together with the advertised Goods and the proof of purchase (receipt or invoice) to the address:
Rustic Modern Furniture Unit E, SK16 4US,Stockport, Dukinfield

§ 8.3.
If a product has a defect, the Customer may:
– demand to remove the defect,
– demand to replace the product with a product free from defects
– make a declaration requesting a price reduction
– make a statement on withdrawal from the contract (only in the case of major defect)
The Seller/Producer is obliged to respond to the complaint within 14 days and inform the Customer in a manner
is declared in the Complaint Form.
§ 8.4.
The Seller/Producer may refuse to satisfy the Customer’s request if bringing the defective Goods into conformity with the agreement in the manner selected by the Customer is impossible or, when compared with other possible solutions would require incurring excessive costs.
§ 8.5.
In case the complaint is accepted, the shipping costs are covered by the Seller / Manufacturer.
In case the complaint is negative, the costs remain with the Customer.

§ 9. Complaints related to damage during transport
§ 9.1.
In case of complaints related to damage during transport The prevailing provisions of the Transport Law and the Civil Code shall apply.
§ 9.2.
The Customer is obliged to receive, open and finally check the Goods received from the Supplier in the presence of an employee of the Supplier. In case the damage which occurred during transport, the Customer together with an employee of the Supplier shall draw up a damage report.
§ 9.3.
The Customer shall lodge claims related to damage during transport with the Supplier.

§ 10. Final provisions
§ 10.1.
The Seller/Producer reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions. The changes in the regulations do not apply to Customers who have already entered into a sales contract with Seller/Producer. In such a case, the provisions of the rules from the moment of
conclusion of a sales agreement apply.
§ 10.2.
In matters not regulated by these Terms and Conditions, the applicable
provisions of law shall apply to matters not regulated herein.