Saving Earth

Rustic Modern Furniture is unique furniture made with respect for the environment and all parties involved in its creation. The natural beauty and subtle elegance of solid wood. 

At Rustic Modern Furniture we focus on timelessness, elegance and minimalism. For our furniture, we choose native species of trees, which used to grow by the roadside or in the city, and their place has been taken by expanding infrastructure. Such trees find a second life in our furniture, carrying with them their own history of several decades.

When setting up a company, deciding on business partners or choosing the materials we use, we are guided by the principles of sustainable development. The health of our planet is very important to us. How do we take care of it?

First of all, we only work with suppliers who share the same values as we do.

Our wood suppliers are FSC certified, which means that when you buy our product you can be sure that the wood used to manufacture our products comes from forests where, among other things, the fauna and flora are protected and old trees are replaced with new ones. Our fabric suppliers have another important certificate – ISO 14001, which means that they monitor the environment of their processes, products and services on the environment. When finishing, we use only ecological, natural oils and waxes and pigments of mineral and earth origin. We create unique pieces, made by hand.

Rustic Modern Furniture also works in the spirit of less waste 
We produce furniture to order, so we do not mass produce and we do not rent large storage spaces. We also take care to recycle materials that we use in production and we recycle the furniture used by the customer.

We are also proud of our action
“Rustic Modern Furniture – We Plant Trees”.

Every customer who buys a piece of furniture from our collection can be sure that we will plant a tree on their behalf. Because we believe that every small step is of great importance. For every piece of furniture sold, we plant a young tree in the urban space.

planted trees
saving earth
saving earth