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Rustic… What Kind Of Rustic? About Rustic Interiors…

Rustic… What kind of rustic? About rustic interiors…

On websites, blogs, interior design magazines you can read and see rustic interiors. Rustic… what kind of rustic interiors? If an article, a post, a picture in a newspaper has caught your attention and the headline in it had this one foreign word “rustic”, we recommend reading it to the end! There will be a few tidbits about what kind of interiors you might call rustic and what extras you need to add to your rooms, hallways, bathrooms and kitchens for a rustic room effect! Perhaps something will inspire you! Come and read it! Rustic… what kind of rustic? First curiosity: where did the name rustic come from? In the professional language of art historians and architects, the word “rustic” is used. This term means the way a wall is worked. To be more precise, the stone cladding that makes the wall look as if it was old. Rustic wall cladding makes the building look raw. Such cladding has already appeared in Renaissance buildings. They were also called “wild” claddings because the treated face of the wall was supposed to imitate a natural stone crowbar. Strangely enough, this was the way to decorate urban Renaissance and Baroque buildings for private and residential purposes, or public buildings rustic style is associated with the decor of country cottages and manors Another interesting fact: what does the word ‘rustic’ mean? in Latin, “rusticalis”, “ruralis” means rural, peasant sometimes with a rustic term, someone understands something made by a craftsman, not an object that

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How to squeeze out the maximum in a small space in the flat

How to squeeze out the maximum in a small space in the flat? Golden rules so you don’t make mistakes!

Do you sometimes wonder how others do it, that they fit in with everything and don’t have a bigger house than you? They have, like, everything more arranged and everything has its place – you know that? It is not just that it looks beautiful, but above all, it is much easier to live there. I have decided to write an attitude about it because I know from your news that you have to deal with it more than once. Aesthetic value is one thing and functional value is another – everything can be reconciled! Of course! I will give you some tips on how to squeeze a small space on the example of the latest project. And for that, I will have a competition for you! There is something slim to win (see at the end) – something perfect for a small space and this figure! Details at the end and now see the proven and clever tricks to make the most of the space. And share your ways!  Shutters in the hallway One of the best ways of arranging storage space in a small flat is with built-in wardrobes. If you choose a shutter, you will additionally gain a decorative aspect which will match the other accessories in the arrangement, e.g. in modern or Scandinavian style. In small interiors there is always a value going up – in built-in shutters, you can fit a lot of things, e.g. at the top you can bury your winter/summer clothes depending

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Tuscan style arrangements

Tuscan style – arrangements inspired by the Italian sun

If we were to choose among interior design styles one that is most reminiscent of idyllic, sunny holidays, we would not hesitate to point out the one in Tuscan interiors. Arrangements in this climate are idyllic, soaked in the warmth of a home fire, having the spirit of the previous era. The uniqueness and beauty of houses decorated in Tuscan style are enhanced by rural Italian landscapes, rich in greenery and soaring rows of cypresses. Let us, therefore, move to this enchanted land. Naturalistic accents come to the fore in Tuscan interiors. Stone dominates the walls and terracotta on the floors. These cool elements are broken by wooden accessories in the form of beams. Italian arrangements love massive sideboards and whitewashed tables and chairs. You can’t imagine a country house without a huge table surrounded by a garland of chairs. They are also warmed up by traditional accessories such as embroidered jellies and starchy tablecloths. Wide shutters, often decorated with shutters on the outside, are also characteristic for Tuscan interiors. Tuscan-style interiors are based on simple, natural colours. Most often we find white, beige and brown in them. However, they do not lack the colours characteristic for Mediterranean arrangements, such as khaki, olive, yellow and rusty shades of red. The Tuscan style combines monumentality with delicacy. We will find here a note of elegance agilely combined with rural straightforwardness. We are sure that anyone who has had or will have to deal with the Tuscan style will remember it with

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How to set up an office at home

How to set up an office at home?

Unfortunately, these are the times. Tier 3, Tier 4, national lockdown, etc. without end. More and more small businesses will move from crowded office centres to the privacy of their own home. I want to begin by explaining the subtle difference between a cabinet and a home office. The origins of the office go back hundreds of years. Reserved for the master of the home, it was his asylum, setting the boundaries of his male world. It was theoretically a place of mental work, but above all, it was an exposition of trophies (books, antlers, or collections of weapons), which helped to build a social position. To this day, having a cabinet means a certain prestige. It is not associated with a place of paid work, perhaps with the exception of writers, philosophers or academics, but it serves the purpose of contemplation and isolation from domestic matters. It most often appears in residences, villas, multi-metre houses, where one can afford the luxury of a room that is not very everyday. A home office is an invention of the modern world. It means a place of daily, full-time or evening work, often as a second job or after hours. Sometimes it requires the possibility of accepting external supplicants. This model generates a completely different approach in its arrangement. Often the compulsion to create it means giving up other functions of home life. A corner is torn from the surface of the living room, stolen from the bedroom angle, or taken out

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Stylish Christmas with Tamara von Nayhauss

Stylish Christmas with Tamara von Nayhauss

Tamara von Nayhauss, star of German television, invited us to her family home to discover the true magic of Christmas together with the RusticModernFurniture brand. Christmas climate in a few steps The long table shimmers with elegant shades of silver and white. In addition, a lot of delicate candlelight and a charming decoration with silver deer in the main role. – I love it when the house feels like it’s hugging me during Advent! I like to decorate the whole house with candles, soft cushions with the addition of festive, classic red and glittering glitter,” says Tamara. A living Christmas tree dressed in red ornaments The Christmas tree is not big, although the room would allow it – it is simply that Tamara prefers a tree that comes from sustainable, organic farming. As with decoration, Tamara remains true to tradition when it comes to invitations as well and always sends handwritten greeting cards to her relatives and friends. She likes to sit down comfortably at her desk in the home library. The library, just like the whole house, is beautifully decorated with lots of Christmas decorations. There are so many decorations that Tamara keeps these ornaments in as many as eight huge boxes outside the Christmas season. Christmas table decoration with tableware and chandeliers According to Tamara, Christmas colours are classics – red, green, white and silver. Here, everything has been chosen to make up for tradition. All year-round, the presenter waits impatiently to unpack all the decorations during Advent

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TRENDS for 2021 in home furnishing

Fashionable interiors, that is TRENDS for 2021 in home furnishing!

Beautiful brick, raw concrete, warm, natural wood – these are the materials that prevailed in interior design in the previous season. Is their popularity still so high? What interior design trends will we see in 2020 and 2021? Which colours and accessories will turn out to be the most desirable? Check it out! In 2020/2021 we will certainly not encounter boring, safe designs. In interior design, there are colourful walls, juxtapositions of many textures and textures next to each other, interesting metallic finishes combined with natural materials, as well as patterns, patterns and once again patterns – on wallpaper (floral patterns) or carpets and other accessories. The years 2020 and 2021 will bring many bold inspirations – originality comes first! Below we present the most important interior design trends that prevail in the interior design of detached houses. More nature in interiors! The trend of 2020 and subsequent seasons! Both manufacturers of the furniture industry and interior designers unanimously recognise that this year is the beginning of a change in approach to interior design and furnishing. This is why design based on floral or natural materials is an important trend. Introducing these elements into an interior will – according to the designers – strengthen the bond between man and nature. Therefore, in modern interior design, first of all, the rooms are very open to the garden (by means of large glazing and by resigning from curtains or roller blinds), there are real wooden planks on the floors, which often also

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Rustic style Christmas

Rustic style Christmas – home decoration for Christmas

Although we are tied to the traditional Christmas at the family table, surely each of us has thought about going to some charming hut somewhere deep in the forest at least once. Christmas in a rustic style – decoration of the house for Christmas. But what is attractive in such surroundings? Certainly peace and quiet, but also, a unique, idyllic atmosphere that accompanies Christmas in such a charming environment. Of course, we do not have to leave the city right away for our celebration to be magical too. It is much easier to arrange your own Christmas in a rustic style. How to do it? Rustic style holidays – charming accessories that will create an atmosphere Admittedly, it would be difficult for us to turn our flat in the city centre into a charming wooden hut. But a radical redevelopment is not necessary to create a unique and cosy atmosphere for Christmas. For this to happen, we only need a few decorative details that will change the interior. What will we need? Because the rustic style is very much in tune with nature, the best motifs will be those that relate to nature, as well as to the winter aura. A trip to the forest (as if to a natural shop) from where we will bring cones, fir or pine twigs, as well as short sticks that can be used to make our own Christmas tree decorations or other Christmas decorations, maybe a good idea. Rustic style Christmas is very

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Renovation of furniture

Renovation of furniture. How to renovate wooden furniture?

Furniture refurbishment is a way to give beautiful but already slightly damaged objects a second life. Both souvenirs from our ancestors and those bought for little money at a flea market will have a chance to enjoy our eyes again and serve us for many years. What should a step-by-step renovation of furniture look like? Furniture renovation – really worth it A squeaky grandmother’s wardrobe, a wooden bed frame with numerous splinters of varnish or a table whose top bears traces of kitchen work and children’s games – none of this furniture deserved to be found in a rubbish dump. First of all, the history with which they are connected should be respected, secondly – currently produced wooden furniture is very expensive, so renovating the old one is simply a saving. With a little care and commitment, we can make the damaged surface shine like new. Renovating furniture could seem like a long and complicated process – in fact, it is not a task that can overwhelm an adult – especially in view of the benefits that can be gained from it. It is enough to thoroughly clean the furniture, fill in small cavities on the surface with special preparation and protect it properly. Renovating furniture – where to start Renovation of furniture should take place in several stages. To begin with, we must ensure that the surface of the furniture is properly prepared. We remove old coatings, i.e. paints, stains, varnishes and all kinds of contamination. If the coatings

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Which dining table should I choose

Which dining table should I choose?

We usually buy a dining room table for years. If you care about its durability, as well as its composition and not overwhelming, pay attention first of all to its size, but also to its shape and the material it is made of. All of these factors are of great importance. What dining table? Match your furniture to the size of the room! The answer to the question of which dining room table to choose is not so obvious. In the beginning, it’s worth measuring the space we have at our disposal and deciding what style should dominate our dining room.  The shape of the table will also determine the final functionality of the whole interior, so it is of great importance. What should you decide on? Round table It is a piece of furniture that looks good mainly in larger rooms – mainly because it should be placed in the central part of the dining room. It does not look very good when placed e.g. against a wall. If you’re wondering which dining room table to choose, remember the unquestionable recommendation of around one – each of the people sitting at it has an equally important and comfortable place. The streamlined shape makes this table safer for children too. Rectangular or square table It fits in both smaller and larger rooms. It looks good when placed in the central part of the dining room and against the wall. It is suitable for both dining and working. However, not every

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Renovating a wooden table step by step

How to renovate the table? Renovating a wooden table step by step

The fashion for vintage furniture is still going on, which is connected with the growing interest in second-hand furniture. Especially popular are old rustic tables, which are ideal for bold arrangements with modern or colourful chairs. However, before we put an old table into a flat, it is worth refreshing it, getting rid of not only a layer of long-lasting dirt but also pests and peeling paint or varnish. How to renovate an old wooden table made of plywood, veneered or covered with natural veneer? We present a step-by-step guide to renovating a table. How to renovate an old wooden table? There are two ways to refresh your wooden furniture. The first, the classic one involves taking an old layer of paint or varnish off the furniture and impregnating the wood with preservatives that do not cover the grain drawing. Varnish, wax or wood oil, for example, are best suited for this role. However, painting is becoming more and more popular, ensuring maximum coverage of individual wooden elements of a piece of furniture or even the entire table surface. Chalk or phthalic paints are most often used for such renovations. Although the final effect is diametrically different, in both cases the order of work is identical. Step 1: Preparation for starting the work Before you start renovating an old table, it is worthwhile to prepare the workplace and appropriate tools and preservatives for wood. It is extremely important to carry out renovation in a place where there is a constant

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