Coffee tables for the living room, how to choose the perfect one?

A coffee table is one of the basic elements of equipment in every living room or day room. It is useful both when drinking coffee and reading your favourite book. A coffee table together with a sofa creates a special corner in a living room. Which coffee table to buy? We select the most fashionable small coffee tables at a good price.

Which coffee table to choose from?

It is hard to imagine a living room arrangement without a coffee table. This seemingly insignificant piece of furniture is one of the most frequently used elements of home furnishing. It allows you to safely put down a hot cup, put down a book or eat dessert. A coffee table should be both fashionable, stylish and practical. When choosing a particular model, pay attention to whether the table fits in with the entire room arrangement, and how it looks with an armchair or a sofa.

Its functionality is no less important than its appearance. To make sure that the coffee table meets our expectations and provides us with comfort, we should pay attention to its size. How to choose the right model? First of all, a coffee table should be of a similar height to the furniture in the same room. Moreover, it is also important to choose the appropriate length of the table. The best models are those whose length corresponds to half to 2/3 of the sofa’s length. Before purchase, it is also worth checking how much space the table takes up, so that the distance from the TV set is about 80 cm, and from the sofa about 45 cm.

Coffee table – wooden, metal or glass?

It is also important what material the coffee table will be made of. The most popular are coffee tables made of glass, wood, rattan and metal. The final choice depends on your taste, liking and the style of your home. A glass coffee table will be a great choice if we want to place it in the central place of the living room. Then, it is worth paying attention to its finish and choose a model that will match the rest of the furniture.

A metal coffee table will be a perfect choice for an industrial style living room, as well as for austere and modern interiors.  Very popular are tables with a top made of marble. This combination gives the table a noble expression, elegance and style.

In recent seasons natural furniture and accessories have been leading the way. This is why wooden coffee tables are very popular, as they are perfect for both modern and classic interiors. Not only do they perfectly complement the arrangement, but also give the interior a charter and make the living room cosy and atmospheric.


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