Rustic style: idyllic interior design

A cosy and approachable design style that brings the charm of the country house into your interior: the rustic style. With natural materials, beautiful accessories and bright colours, you’ll get a distinctive country house d├ęcor in your four walls. We explain whether modern country-style furniture can become an interesting addition to your existing furnishings and whether the French country house style always requires everything to be white. Let yourself be inspired by our guide and find your own way to redecorate. Enjoy your reading!


Essentials for a rustic interior

With our ideas, you can feel the relaxing country air in your home. We’ll show you that even a city flat can become an idyllic, relaxing place surrounded by nature. We present the most beautiful furnishing ideas in the country house style and tell you what furniture and accessories are characteristic of it.

Natural colours
Wood, white, cream and neutral earth tones
are typical of the rustic style. The effect is even more interesting when mixed with light splashes of colour, which you can change and redecorate again and again. Our current favourite colour is delicate lime green. This colour will bring freshness to your interior without being too overpowering.

Our tip: the rustic style also likes uneven, rough surfaces. This effect can be achieved by applying plaster to the walls in a sweeping, semicircular motion. Simply cover the uneven texture with the paint colour of your choice.

Rustic style is closely connected with nature. That’s why the most commonly used material in this style is, of course, wood. Place wooden furniture in your rooms: bedside tables, chests of drawers or sideboards. And those that are painted white in particular will fill the interior with a rural and charming atmosphere. When it comes to accessories, go for linen or cotton textiles, necessarily with folk patterns.

Patterns and prints
Modern rustic interiors skilfully combine the old with the new. Instead of charming rose petals in the English style, you can find delicate dandelions on dishes, and instead of a painting with a landscape, hang another with animal motifs. Even antiques can be juxtaposed with modern pieces. Classic rustic style does not have to be boring at all! Unleash your creativity. Go for extravagant floral patterns in a Provencal-style kitchen or conjure up bold walls with eye-catching patterns!

Rustic furniture
As you already know, the rustic style loves wood. The surface of rustic furniture should be full of cracks, rings and knots. It is best when it is light – then it looks the most natural. Remember that rustic style does not tolerate too fancy shapes of furniture. Therefore, they should be simple, without elaborate ornaments.

Our tip: It’s a good idea to have lacquered wooden furniture leached. This process involves stripping the top layers of wood, which gives the furniture a familiar, raw look.

Rustic style in every room

A rustic interior is not limited to a specific room. On the contrary, whether it’s a hallway, living room or bedroom, this style works everywhere. Here are our useful tips.

Rustic bedroom

After a stressful day at work, our home is the place where we can slow down and relax. This makes it all the more important that you organise your resting place according to your personal tastes. Rustic style is often chosen for bedrooms because its natural character provides inner peace.

Make your bedroom bright and welcoming. Use white and soft grey as a base. Decorative elements and wooden furniture add warmth and life to the room. Use a beautiful bedspread, rug or decorative cushion to add an extra touch to your bedroom.

Rustic living room

Longing for idyllic country life, but can’t do without the hustle and bustle of the city? Bring the country style into your four walls. Create an oasis of well-being in a rustic living room.

Make it nice and cosy! Furniture made of solid wood, rattan, cork or leather in natural colours is a must. A sturdy coffee table made from leftover wood will complete the look. If you like something more rustic, you can invest in a classic sofa in a beige shade and classic, rustic decorations.

Rustic hallway

Charming furniture and a richly detailed hallway decoration will make the rustic style feel right from the threshold. As hallways are usually not very large, the furniture must not only be attractive but also functional. White furniture is ideal for a rustic hallway. To optically enlarge the space, use a mirror, which can be supplemented with small decorations.

Linen and cotton textiles will give cosiness. You can also arrange decorative cushions on a small wooden bench or decorate the floor with a jute rug.

Rustic kitchen

A country kitchen has a special charm about it. Whether completely white or in natural wood, a rustic kitchen looks great with modern elements. For an individual touch, combine traditional elements with trendy materials such as onyx marble or concrete.

Decorations made of shiny copper or brass will also complement the country-style setting well. For a more modern look, add a personalised statement piece such as a cooking island or food processor.

Rustic dining room

In a rustic dining room, it is best to use restrained wall colours such as beige, grey or white. The floor should also not be too dark or too light. The dining room is clearly focused on the dining table, one made of solid wood will look very noble.

Suitable chairs, you can change at any time by adding eye-catching colourful cushions. Use plants to create fresh splashes of colour. Make sure you also add colourful touches to the table with tablecloths, candles or beautiful tableware with a floral pattern. 


Step by step: our tips for rustic furnishings

  • Opt for white. But only on walls, floors and furniture. To keep the farmhouse style from looking too monotonous, complement this light colour with colourful cushions, carpets or colourful posters.
  • Combine different materials. A mix of wood, stone and natural fabrics such as linen and cotton gives the interior a rustic tone.
  • Keep things tidy. Your home looks best when it’s neat and not too cluttered. Wicker baskets, metal buckets and wooden crates will emphasise the cosy, country look.
  • What about textiles? For a traditional cottage style check, flowers, patchwork and stripes are key elements.
  • Play with styles. Combine old with new, simple furniture with sophisticated accessories or vice versa. This creates exciting contrasts! 

How do I combine the rustic style?

You can combine rustic with shabby chic, English or loft style. Here are our tips on how to do it.

Shabby chic: raw, rustic furniture will be perfectly complemented by white, aged cabinets decorated with images of cherubs. A floral pattern in curtains and furniture upholstery will also tie the style together.
English style: a kitchen combining rustic style with English elements is an equally interesting experiment. The classic elegance will make it less homely and chicer. Wooden furniture can be white, the floor oak. In the middle of the kitchen it is worth arranging an island made of solid wood, and above the hood hang a typical English-style station clock. 
Loft style: The industrial atmosphere of the loft should be broken with a rustic style. Use a table made of rough, cracked wood or cover kitchen walls with white tiles.

How many types of wood can I combine?

Mixing different types of wood takes some skill. Our interior designers know how to combine wood species in such a way that the variety doesn’t seem imposing, but creates contrasts or harmonious interactions. There is no rule as to how many types of wood can be combined, as the mix of styles must be developed individually and in combination with other furniture.


Decorations in rustic style

Classic furnishings in a rustic style captivate with simple lines, rustic furniture and friendly light colours. Natural materials such as wood, stone, clay, linen or wool are the perfect complement to the style.

In order to give the interior the necessary lightness, it will come in handy:

  • crockery sets or vases in soft tones
  • Wicker baskets
  • cast iron lamps
  • mirrors in simple wooden frames
  • old cuckoo clocks
  • Floral paintings
  • rattan rocking chair

Kitchen accessories will also emphasise the charm of a rustic cottage. Create a base that is dominated by neutral colours and surround it with accents in pastel tones. These could be, for example, decorative cushions, curtains, blankets or candles.

To decorate your four walls in a rustic style – since this style is mainly characterised by natural materials, don’t limit the natural, natural decorations such as a vase full of flowers.

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